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What do Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Natalie Cole, Paula Patton, Garcelle Beauvais, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Carlson and Angela Bassett have in common? D'Andre Michael.

The Peoria, Illinois native made his way in the beauty industry by apprenticing and assisting top Paul Mitchell Stylist Carol Morrow and celebrity makeup artist Gwynnis Mosby in Atlanta. D'Andre had the opportunity to meet the one person who inspired him: Kevyn Aucoin, whom he wanted to assist. But Kevyn told him "your work is great and you should try to make a name for YOURSELF, don't get caught up in assisting." That sage advice remains one of the most defining moments of his career.

Making his way to the BIG APPLE all of his dreams began to come true. Not only did he become a highly sought after

makeup artist, by some of the worlds most prestigious celebrities (recording artists, models, actresses and personalities).

D’Andre Michael, worked with some of the worlds most influential Fashion and Beauty Magazines (Vogue, Vanity Fair,

Harpers Bazaar, InStyle Magazine, etc), the latest videos, album covers, commercials, fashion campaigns, working with

directors and photographers such as Patrick Dermarchelier, Albert Watson, Annie Leibowitz, Odette Sugarman, Mike Ruiz, Lionel Deluy, Klinko and Indrani and many more. 

Now residing in the land of Celebrity (Los Angeles), D'Andre Michael's career has soared to heights one could only dream of.

D’Andre Michael, in spite of his shyness, he was featured on such shows such as the “It Factor”, “Access Hollywood”, “E-Television”, “BET”, “MTV” and several BTS Clips and videos. With published works, interviews, advice columns and highlights on his craft in several of today’s top

Magazines. D’Andre Michael, has launched his own brand “by d’andremichael” which his first product was a luxury line of candles which was sold in high-end resorts and spas across the country. As well as creating and developing his own cosmetics line, called U.G.L.Y. Girl Cosmetics (Undeniably Gorgeous Lovely and Young). By upending the idea of what U.G.L.Y. really means, D'Andre Michael challenges young girls as well as young women/women alike to look inside themselves and to defy conventional aesthetic labels. 

Now a partner with three other highly successful celebrity makeup artists, they are set to developing a high-end global cosmetic line that will be sure to take the world by storm. Aside of all the beauty in addition D’Andre Michael, who also is a self taught photographer, has already gotten the attention of his A-list clientele, peers, Magazines, product companies and more. He has a few album covers, magazine covers, feature spreads and advertisements to his credit in just a short time. D’Andre Michael is also currently writing and shooting 3 beauty books which he says will be informative and very visual.


The gift of creating beauty has been part of D’Andre Michael from the beginning. That pure beauty comes from within is an accepted platitude, but D’Andre Michael, a beauty person, lives it.


D’Andre Michael has done it all. Well to us he has done it all. But to him he hasn’t, he adds “ I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life where I will stop to say I have arrived or I am “the” makeup artist / hair etc etc. I believe when one comes to that point, they have basically stopped growing professionally and being that there is so many different experiences, you can’t possibly “arrive”.


So whether it is doing makeup, creating makeup, photography, planning upcoming and future projects or just simply being D’Andre Michael, he will always remain humbled in a world that he says “has way more than enough room for other aspiring artists to come in and do their thing. God Willing”. He gives that trademark smile that humbles those around him and exits.


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